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In this fast-paced world of ours—the one where everyone is trying to rush you along so they can get to the next thing—we take a novel approach to your health care:

We actually listen to you!

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Our Services

If you are suffering from foot or ankle pain, we take the time to hear your concerns and learn about your condition or injury before we develop a custom treatment plan. 

Why do all that? 

Because your health is our priority and we want you to get better. 

You rely on your feet for so much—and that means it’s important they are functional and not a source of pain or discomfort. 

Our goal at Texas Foot and Ankle Center is to provide you with first-class podiatric care so you can get back to your favorite activities at the soonest possible opportunity.

Meet Our Physicians

There’s no question our doctors work hard for you. More than that, though, they actually work with you. And that’s an important distinction because doing so is how they understand what you are experiencing and help you understand why they’ve created your unique treatment plan. You might not receive that level of personalized attention at other offices, but it’s a core value for our doctors here at Texas Foot and Ankle Center.

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American Board of Podiatric Medicine Certified

Patient Reviews

I really walked away pleased with Dr. Babich, he was very professional and informative. The staff was very professional as well. Made another appointment with him the same day.
Marcus J.
Seriously, one of the best doctors I’ve interacted with. Highly intelligent and intuitive.
Stacey C.
Dr. Babich met and exceeded every requirement I wanted/needed. His manner was sensitive and assuring. He did a great job of removing the calluses without pain. I would recommend him every time!

Diane P.

Common Causes of Heel Pain

We treat many different conditions and injuries here at Texas Foot and Ankle Center, but heel pain treatment is a particularly common one. If you’re having pain in the back of your foot, we can help!

One of the reasons heel pain affects so many people is on account of all that physical force we place upon our feet (even just walking around during the day). Another reason comes down to heel anatomy. 

The good news when it comes to these various conditions is that they are often successfully resolved with the use of conservative (nonsurgical) treatment. There are many different options and methods we may use when creating our unique treatment plan specifically for you.

Shoes with custom orthotics walking on a road
Man after an ankle sprain with x-ray showing ankle

Fixing Your Sports Injuries

The majority of foot and ankle sports injuries are treated effectively with conservative care—which means no need for surgery. Even better, some simple prevention measures can lower your risk for sustaining various injuries in the first place. First aid is a good starting point for nonemergency injuries, and preventive care can reduce your injury risk, but you may need to seek professional care for effective healing. When this is the case, come see us here at Texas Foot and Ankle Center.

New Solutions for Wounds

We’re proud to now offer the revolutionary Vaporox (Vaporous Hyperoxia Therapy) VHT! VHT is a Low-Frequency, Non-Contact, Non-Thermal Ultrasound Treatment. It’s FDA-cleared and has been clinically validated as a safe and effective adjunctive treatment for healing nine types of skin wounds. Additionally, we now offer Plasma Rich Protien injections. Adopting these innovative treaments is just one of the ways we’re going above and beyond for our patients.