Conditions and Services

At Texas Foot and Ankle Center, we’re ready to provide treatment for virtually any lower limb injury or condition you or your loved ones might develop. This is important to us because our inherent goals are to help you find relief from painful symptoms, get you back to doing your favorite activities (in the fastest possible manner), and maintain healthy feet—all so you can do the things in life you love.

Accordingly, we are proud to offer comprehensive services to resolve a wide range of foot and ankle problems.

Diabetic Foot Care/Wound Care

If you’re diabetic, you already have a lot on your plate—which means it’s easy for foot issues to be overlooked. Unfortunately, that can be a big mistake. Recognizing that fact, though, is a good starting point when it comes to responsible diabetic foot care.

Your next step in protecting your feet—and keeping potentially life-threatening issues at bay—is to allow us to help you create a diabetic foot care plan that will work for you.

In the event you develop a diabetic wound, our foot doctors are ready to provide exceptional wound care services to protect you from something that can quickly become a critical situation.

Heel and Arch Pain

One of the most common health-related issues people experience is heel pain. Sadly, this commonality causes many people to think it’s normal or “not a big deal.”

The problem with that is this:

Pain is never normal.

Sure, it should be expected in certain circumstances, but pain is your body’s way of alerting you to an abnormal situation and telling you something needs to be done.

The good news for the vast majority of heel pain patients who see us at our Dallas office is that there’s no need for surgery. And we hope knowing that means there will be less hesitation on your behalf to request an appointment—where we can provide the care you need!

Sports Medicine

One of the great paradoxes when it comes to health is this:

You should exercise on a regular basis to be healthy, yet physical activities increase your risk of injury.

That increased injury risk is especially true for your feet and ankles. This can be attributed to the fact that your lower limbs can endure tremendous amounts of physical force during sports, exercises, and other physical activity.

No matter what kind of sports injury you sustain to the foot or ankle, we are committed to providing you with the best possible treatment so you can get back to the game (or your normal exercise routine) as quickly and safely as possible.

Nail and Skin Care

When it comes to external issues, there are many problems that can happen to your toenails and the skin on your feet. Some examples of this include fungal toenails, plantar warts, cysts, blisters, and ingrown nails.

Now, these kinds of issues may seem to be cosmetic or “only” a source of embarrassment, but the fact of the matter is that some of them can also cause discomfort or pain. On top of that, your quality of life is important! You should be able to go to the beach or wear sandals and open-toed shoes without feeling self-conscious about your feet.

One more consideration in this regard is that certain nail and skin conditions are caused by microorganisms like fungi, bacteria, and viruses. No one wants to have an infection—and this can be downright dangerous for the roughly 30 million Americans who are diabetic.

Custom Orthotic Devices

One of the most versatile tools a podiatrist has is a pair of orthotics. Why is that? Because we custom fit these medical devices to work with your unique foot structure and biomechanics.

In doing so, we are able to address a variety of health-related problems by providing support, redirecting how force loads are redistributed, and controlling foot motion.

Children’s Foot Care

If you’re a parent, you want your child(ren) to be happy and healthy. Foot and ankle issues can certainly detract from both of those—but we have good news:

Our team at Texas Foot and Ankle Center treats children for wide-ranging conditions. Even better, we are typically able to do so using gentle, conservative treatment plans.

If you have a young loved one who is experiencing foot or ankle pain or difficulty, connect with our office and request an appointment.


Whereas our doctors will do everything possible to treat foot and ankle conditions through conservative methods, sometimes surgery is the recommended path forward. When you decide this is an appropriate plan, you can take comfort knowing that our doctors are highly trained, skilled, and experienced in using surgical measures to resolve foot and ankle problems.

Effective Foot and Ankle Services


Please feel free to further explore our website to learn about the various services we offer and conditions our podiatrists can treat for you.

We take pride in helping residents from across the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth community—people just like you—find relief from pain and restored functionality. And we do this so you can enjoy life on your terms and participate in the activities you enjoy doing.

For more information about our practice, or to request your appointment, simply give us a call at (214) 660-0777 and we’ll be happy to help!