Easy but Vital Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. We know that’s not exactly a celebratory kind of commemoration, but it’s still extremely important to recognize how this condition can affect lives. Properly managing diabetes will almost always require some changes to your...

Are You Being Haunted by Your Ingrown Toenails?

Welcome to October, by all accounts the spooookiest month of the year—especially if you make it out to any of Dallas’ legendarily frightening haunted houses or watch a few scary movies on a Friday evening to get into the mood. One common trope in Halloween fiction is...

Fall Sports Injury Prevention

It’s fall in Texas! The nights are a little cooler, high school football is in full swing, and people everywhere—kids and adults—are stepping out of the air conditioning and enjoying some more outdoor exercise.Are you one of them? If so, that’s great! We’re sports...

Back-to-School Shoe Shopping: 12 Tips to Save Your Little One from Pain

Where does the time go?Kids only have a few weeks left to enjoy the freedom of summer vacation—and that means there’s a good chance you’re scrambling to make sure your child has everything he or she needs to start the new school year off on the right foot. And hey,...

5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Heel Pain

Heel pain. How complicated could it be? Actually, a lot more complicated than you might realize! From what can cause it (and what usually doesn’t), to who can get it, to how it’s treated, there may be a lot you don’t know about heel pain. Fortunately, we’re here to...

The Benefits (and Considerations) of Orthotics for Children

Be honest. When you think of “orthotics” and the people who wear them, you probably imagine working people in their 40s and up, struggling with increasing foot pain on the job or at home. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that image! A lot of our patients who wear...

Foot Care Tips for Athletes

Athletes—just like non-athletes—tend to only really think about their feet when they’re in pain. Hey, we get it. You rely on your feet so often, for so much, that you tend to take them for granted. But unfortunately, failure to think about your feet and be proactive...

How Stress Affects Your Feet

In today’s world, just about everybody deals with stress at some point. Work responsibilities. Family drama. Illness. We’re sure you have your own examples. And while we certainly hope that the nice spring weather—and maybe even a recent Spring Break excursion—has...

How to Ward Off Heel Pain When You’re a Weekend Warrior

When the weather is ideal, there is nothing more invigorating than being active outdoors – the sun and the gentle breeze beckons you to get to your feet and try new activities, things you might not usually do on the regular basis. For example, maybe you decided to run...

Custom Orthotics: Why Drugstore Insoles Just Don’t Cut It

If you’ve ever spent any time walking through a decently sized drugstore, or pharmacy section at a general retailer, you’ve probably seen shelves full of “orthotics.” These off-the-rack insoles and arch supports probably make spectacular claims on the packaging....

Keep Sports Injuries from Tripping Up Your Goals

If you’re getting out and getting active, you likely have a goal of some sort.It doesn’t have to be hitting the pros or working your way to the Dallas Marathon. You could just be someone who wants to get out and getting moving more than you currently are, and that’s...

Why Foot Wounds Are So Dangerous (and How You Can Prevent Them)

If you have diabetes, there’s not really such a thing as a “minor” foot wound.Without proper care and attention, even a small cut or burst blister might take a long time to heal—long enough to develop into an open sore, or even get an infection. And those infections...

Simple Resolutions for Active Feet in 2019

The end of the year is a good time to look ahead and set new goals.A good first step is taking a look at the world around you and separating the things you can control from the things you can’t. (The latter will probably make up a much longer list than you wanted to...

What Does a Podiatrist Do?

Sometimes in life, you need a little (or a lot!) professional help: If you live in the greater Dallas community and are in need of tailoring services, you might want to call up Harry’s Tailor Shop to perform your clothing alterations. Need to remodel your kitchen or...


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