Welcome to October, by all accounts the spooookiest month of the year—especially if you make it out to any of Dallas’ legendarily frightening haunted houses or watch a few scary movies on a Friday evening to get into the mood.

One common trope in Halloween fiction is the idea of being haunted or pursued by a monster that can’t be killed or defeated through normal means. No matter how far or fast you run, no matter how many times you think you’ve won, the monster keeps coming back.

Sound familiar? If you have ingrown toenails, you might be feeling a little haunted yourself.

Sure, if you’re lucky, you maybe had them once and never again. But in a significant percentage of cases, ingrown toenails aren’t one and done. They keep coming back again, and again, and again to cause you pain and make you miserable.

Reasons Your Toenails Might Be Haunted

Why do ghosts stick around and continue to haunt the living? According to most fiction, it’s because they have some unfinished business they need to attend to before they can “pass on.”

For ingrown toenails, however, it isn’t always that simple. There are a few possibilities:

Terrifying Trimming

It’s possible that your ingrown toenails keep coming back simply because you keep giving them the opportunity to do so, by cutting your nails incorrectly.

Yes, it’s possible to cut nails incorrectly. And you might not even know you’re doing it!

First, as everyone hopefully knows, you should keep your nails trimmed fairly regularly so they don’t get too long.

But it’s also important not to cut them too short, either, especially around the corners. Cut straight across, and leave a small but comfortable “margin” at the edge. Nails that are too short or too rounded simply have more opportunity to catch hold of the surrounding skin and start digging in.

We’d also recommend you use a sturdy set of toenail clippers with a little extra leverage, and only cut nails when they are dry. This reduces the risk of splitting and tearing your nail.

Trimming toenails

Frightening Footwear

Most of us are guilty of purchasing and wearing shoes that don’t quite fit. Maybe the style you really wanted wasn’t available in your exact size. Maybe nothing at the store was available in the right size. But either way, you now have a problem.

Shoes that are too small or narrow, especially in the toe box, are a prime suspect for chronic ingrown toenails. A tight shoe pressing down on your nails all day, every day, can easily set them on a course for digging into the surrounding flesh.

Then again, you don’t want to make the mistake of going too big, either! If your shoes are so loose that they slide around on your feet, your toenails are going to be slamming into the front of your shoe over and over again, all day long. While each individual impact may be minor, the cumulative effect could be damage to the toenail, including ingrown toenails.

“Cursed” Genetics

It may be your DNA itself is working against you—at least in this one specific circumstance!

As it turns out, some people have toenails that are relatively flat, while others have toenails that are especially curved from side to side. These are genetically inherited traits.

Unfortunately, if you happen to find yourself in the latter camp (i.e., excessively curved toenails), you are naturally much more prone to developing ingrown toenails than the general population. In other words, you’re destined to get them again and again.

That is, unless you take action.

Are you being haunted by your ingrown toenails?

Want to Wake Up From the Nightmare?

The good news is that this particular horror story has a happy ending. Actually, when you know the right steps to take, ingrown toenails aren’t really that hard of a monster to defeat.

That’s because we’re here to help!

You may be surprised to learn that fixing an ingrown toenail is usually a very simple and straightforward procedure for a podiatrist—like the ones on staff at the Texas Foot & Ankle Center! It only takes one quick appointment, in which we remove the ingrown portion of the nail and send you on your way. There’s almost no pain, and very little downtime. Most people are back to their regular activities by the next day.

But won’t the ghost of toenails past come back to haunt you again in a few months?

Not if we also perform a matrixectomy, another short and simple procedure that stops the nail matrix from forming new nail tissue along the border that keeps getting ingrown. We can do it right at the same appointment, and in the vast majority of cases this stops the ingrown toenail from coming back for good.

So don’t be scared by your ingrown toenail! Help it conclude its mortal business and shuffle off to the great beyond by giving us a call at (214) 660-0777, or completing our online contact form.

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