Exceptional Foot Care in Casa Linda

Casa Linda (and neighboring Casa View) are vibrant, growing communities blessed with tree-lined streets, a stunning mix of architectural styles, booming business, and easy access to both Lake & Garden District recreational activities and downtown.

Oh, and you’ll also be right around the corner from Texas Foot & Ankle Center, a premier East Dallas destination for exceptional podiatric care!

Our office is conveniently located on N Buckner Blvd, in the Doctors Professional Building across from City Hospital at White Rock. We are proud to serve this diverse community with the highest standards of personal attention and care, in both English and Spanish!

We Handle All Aspects of Foot and Ankle Care

From nails and skin to bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and more, our staff provides a full range of treatment options for almost all conditions that affect foot and ankle health.

If your feet are giving you any problems whatsoever—whether that’s a traumatic injury, chronic pain, deformity, or just unsightly warts or discolored nails—we can help.

Our comprehensive foot and ankle services include treatment for:

You Deserve Special Attention and Personalized Care

At many (if not most) medical offices around the country, patients often get the impression that the staff is trying to get them in and out as fast as possible. That’s deeply frustrating!

Thankfully, you won’t find that at Texas Foot & Ankle Center. Our staff and doctors understand the importance of taking their time and making sure each patient’s specific needs are met.

That means more than just a thorough evaluation and accurate diagnosis. It also means taking the time to make sure you have a full understanding of your condition, as well as the pros and cons of any treatment option we recommend.

Our treatment recommendations are always personalized, meaning we don’t just give every patient with “Diagnosis A” the same set of advice. The best care for you depends not only on the condition, but other important circumstances of your life—such as your job, desired activity level, or long-term goals.

We want every patient who leaves our office to feel informed, respected, empowered, and confident about their next steps.

Foot Care Is For Everyone


Our patients come from all walks of life—not only Casa Linda and Casa View, but across East Dallas and beyond. Many have excellent insurance coverage. Others have no insurance at all.

At Texas Foot & Ankle Center, we understand how important healthy feet are to maintain a quality standard of living, and have always believed strongly that the highest standards of care should be accessible for all.

We are proud to offer self-pay pricing options for patients without insurance, in order to help them save money and reduce their stress. There will never be any hidden costs or fees—we’ll always be completely transparent and upfront with you about what you’ll owe before any services are rendered.

Learn more about our cash pay prices for common services here.

Casa Linda’s Choice for Exceptional Foot Care

Don’t settle for “just okay” when choosing a podiatric specialist. At Texas Foot & Ankle Center, we work hard to bring the highest standards of service and care to the communities we serve.

If you’d like to talk to one of our specialists about a foot or ankle problem you’re currently experiencing, you can schedule an appointment at our Casa Linda office by calling (214) 660-0777, or completing the contact form below.

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