COVID-19 Office Procedures

In this time of uncertainty about illness, cleanliness, and social distancing, many of our patients are understandably concerned about limiting their potential exposure risk, and figuring out how, when, and why they leave their homes. At Texas Foot & Ankle Center, we have always put our patients’ health and safety first. So in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve put extra precautions into place to protect you and your family. One important way we’re addressing the situation is via telemedicine, which is a great option for any patients who don’t feel comfortable making an in-person visit, or who don’t need an in-person procedure to be performed. If this sounds like something that would be relevant to your situation, please click here to learn more about our telemedicine services. However, not every type of appointment can be performed virtually. Sometimes we really do need to see you in person. In order to make the experience as safe and comfortable as possible, we’ve made some procedural adjustments to further minimize your contact with us and potential exposure risks.

You Can Skip the Waiting Room

Nobody wants to sit around a waiting room even in the best of times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you will not need to spend any time there.

When you pull into our parking lot, simply give our office a call at (214) 660-0777 and let us know that you’re here. Remain in your car. If there’s any additional paperwork you need to fill out first, we can bring it out to you.

Once your examination/treatment room has been completely disinfected and is ready for you, we will call you to let you know you can come in, and take you straight back. This service, sometimes called “valet medicine,” helps strictly enforce social distancing between patients and keeps the number of people in the office at any given time to the absolute minimum.

We Are Meeting or Exceeding All Guidelines

Throughout the pandemic, our team has been closely monitoring the situation and keeping up with any and all changes in CDC, state, and local guidelines regarding the health and safety of our operations.

In addition to having you wait in your car and skip the waiting room, this also includes:

  • Fully sanitizing all exam and treatment rooms before each patient, and all high-touch surfaces/high-traffic areas frequently, using CDC-approved disinfectants.
  • Masks and gloves for all staff—including the front desk.
  • Making hand sanitizer easily available to all our guests.
  • Social distancing to the greatest extent possible while you are in our office.
  • Limiting the number of patients in the office at a given time.
  • Limiting the number of guests/caregivers who can be in the office. In general, we request that you come alone if you are able and have any companions remain in the car, unless a caregiver is necessary. Children should be accompanied by only one parent or guardian. 

Protecting Your Health While Getting You the Care You Deserve

Exceptional foot care should never be out of reach to anyone—even during a community outbreak.

Texas Foot & Ankle is committed to protecting the health and safety of all our patients, including those who must make the trip to our office for in-person treatment. We are doing everything in our power to avoid exposing you, your loved ones, and our staff to unnecessary risk.

If you’d like to learn more about our in-office COVID-19 procedures, schedule a new appointment, or convert an existing appointment to telemedicine, please give our office a call today at (214) 660-0777.

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